Your chance to have a say over traffic and parking and parking survey

January 02 2020

A survey of residents’ views about parking and traffic in their streets has been welcomed by the Bishopston and St Andrews Traffic and Parking Group (BOSA).
A spokesperson for BOSA said: “We urge everyone to take part. BOSA’s hard work campaigning as a community group has got us this far and it would be great to have as many responses as possible so that the council can understand our feelings properly.”
Bishopston and St Andrews residents have received a survey postcard from the council that contains a unique reference number, linked to an address which will be used to assess the views of people working or living in specific parts of the BOSA area. The survey will mean that the council can learn more about parking problems and residents’ views on solutions including, but not exclusively, residents’ parking zones (RPZ) such as those introduced successfully in other parts of the city.
The deadline for completing the online survey is 6 January. BOSA’s view is that it is crucial to take part in the survey, whatever opinions are held.  
One BOSA member stated: "I support this survey because the quality of life and community spirit has significantly deteriorated as the multitude of parking and traffic issues have increased. Life in our neighbourhood has become aggressive, stressful and dangerous. Verbal abuse is common place, as is vehicle damage, emergency vehicles getting stuck and vulnerable pedestrians struggling to use the pavements. This once cohesive and supportive neighbourhood has become divided between the haves and the have nots - this time the division is based on driveways and distance from key commuter hot spots."
Gavin Spittlehouse, a local resident, is concerned about the impact on parking and safety when the new diesel ban is introduced: "When the city centre diesel ban comes in (April 2021, part of the Clean Air Zone), if we don’t have an RPZ here then we'll be the obvious place for commuters heading into the centre to park their diesel cars,” said Gavin.
“We'll be the nearest they can park to the centre without being in an RPZ. They can get a bus from here down Gloucester Road to work. That means parking spaces will fill early in the morning and we'll have hordes of diesels driving around in circles looking for somewhere to park, with all the congestion, traffic danger and air pollution that comes with it."
Other residents who live outside the proposed survey area are are worried that any scheme will simply push the problem further up the Gloucester Road where there is already pressure on parking. Residents are using their own survey to provide evidence to the council and councillors of their concerns. BOSA’s view is that a city-wide parking strategy is needed urgently.
For more information on parking, traffic and safety please follow BOSA on or visit the website