Your chance for a chat with Marvin

May 29 2018

BCR Community Partnership has been asked by local councillors to continue to hold public forum meetings during the coming year in Bishopston, Cotham and Redland.

These meetings provide an opportunity for local people to find out about and comment on issues such as the street scene, parks, traffic, council services and neighbourhood policing.

The next forum will be on Monday 11 June, 7pm-9pm, at Colston's Primary School, Cotham Grove. It is expected that the consultation on the 20mph speed limit will be a hot topic by then, so come and have your say on that and other local issues.

In addition, Mayor Marvin Rees is visiting each area of the city for a 'community conversation'. He is due to visit our area on Friday 15 June, 1.30pm-3pm, venue to be confirmed. Do come along and share your views and find out more about how the local community can get involved in local decisions.

For full details of this and other events in BCR, visit the Community Partnership website at

BCR Community Partnership is a voluntary organisation that includes representatives from 20 local community groups as well as individuals who care about our neighbourhood and the services and community involvement on which it depends.