Young photographer wins RHS award

December 20 2016

WILL Lindsay-Perez, a Year 10 pupil at Redland Green School has won the 11-17 age category of the RHS Young Herb Photographer of the Year 2016.

herbs and spices

WILL Lindsay-Perez, a Year 10 pupil at Redland Green School has won the 11-17 age category of the RHS Young Herb Photographer of the Year 2016. 

The judges of the competition were impressed with all four of Will's photos, selecting one as the winner, with the remaining three also being shortlisted. When describing the winning image they stated that they really loved the depth and composition of the photo showing various herbs and spices, including Rosemary and Basil.

Westbury Park resident Will said: "For these photos, I wanted to focus mainly on composition and for the picture to have a rustic feel. I used natural light and a shallow depth of field to create a colourful, interesting and visually appetising photos.

“I started photography using my dad’s camera. My art teacher, Mr Wilson, took my phone off me one lesson and saw the lock screen which he liked and from there he set me photography challenges to do. We’d talk about each project and things that I could do to improve them and I got hooked on taking pictures.”

Will has been practising every genre of photography and has found that he really likes taking portraits and is always thinking of interesting backgrounds that he can use for them. He has begun a project titled “100 strangers, 100 stories” where he takes pictures of random people that he meets.

Will explained: “I wanted to challenge myself to keep shooting because I always have spells where I’m not getting any ideas. I thought by pushing myself to get out there and talk to essentially random people and ask them for a photo and learn a bit about them it would keep my ideas coming. 

“It’s definitely not easy. Some people say ‘no’ and are really nice about it, other people seem a bit offended and there are those who seem really interested in what I’m doing and want to talk. I had a guy from The Big Issue who I got into a really in depth conversation with about how life is difficult for homeless people.” 

As well as the RHS award, Will has been among the top three photographers placed in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards for the past two years, has been shortlisted for the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards in the 12 - 18 year category and has had images showcased in the Mall Galleries in London.

He is now looking to gain work experience with a wedding photographer in Bristol and is keen to advance his skills with an eye on a future professional career. 

Will added: “I’d rather be doing something that I’m passionate about than working in an office. At the moment I want to push myself as fast as I can and prove to myself that I can do it.

“Everyone can take a photo but it’s about trying to find something different, that isn’t seen. Finding that shot that makes people stop and think about it is what makes a good image.”

To find out more about Will’s work see his website