Yoga sessions a yurt lush success

January 28 2016
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Yoga sessions a yurt lush success

CITY of Bristol College students stretched themselves further recently as they took part in a roaming Yoga Yurt across three campuses.

Yoga lessons have been offered to both students and staff as part of a series of Health and Wellbeing roadshows held at the College’s centres at Ashley Down, College Green and South Bristol Skills Academy. The Yoga Girls Can project is funded by Sport England and the National Lottery, in a bid to encourage more young women to take up healthy exercise.

The free to try sessions are being delivered at universities and colleges throughout the south west by the West of England Sport Trust. Instructor Lucy Milner said: “The sessions are designed to provide a gentle introduction to yoga, in a fun and supportive way, and show how accessible it is.

City of Bristol College, in particular, has been very successful, and we’ve seen a lot of interest from the students.” Gemma Parry, Sport Maker at the College, added: “The project is primarily aimed at young women to encourage them to become more active, but the sessions have been open to students of both sexes to try it out and discover both the relaxing and physical benefits of yoga.” The closed sessions will be held on Tuesdays at College Green (2pm4pm), SBSA (3pm4pm) and Thursdays atAshley Down 2.45pm3.45pm) for the next six weeks.