Work progressing at Bristol North Baths

May 24 2019

WORK has been progressing behind the scenes at Bristol North Baths, the developer has told Bishopston Voice.

As previously reported, Berkeley Place, a property company based in Clifton, is bringing the Grade II Listed building back into use after remaining vacant for 13 years. The building was going to be developed into a health centre, but after long delays the original developer, Chatsworth Homes, ran into financial difficulties and the scheme ground to a halt.
In December 2018, the proposed change from swimming pool (Class D2) to office (Class B1) was granted by planning officers. Since then, work has started to convert the building, which dates from 1915, into offices on the first floor and ground floor, with a café and gym also being created on the ground floor.
Speaking to Bishopston Voice about their progress, managing director Nick Cryer said: “We have been doing a lot of work to clear a large amount of pigeon mess from the roof, and metal spikes have also been installed to deter them from landing on the windows. We have also spent time clearing a lot of mess from inside the building, and unblocking and clearing out the drainage system too.
“It’s a fantastic building, and the more we reveal, the more we can see how amazing it is. We want to preserve the original doors, wooden floors, ceilings and glazed tiled walls, which are in wonderful condition. It’s going to look beautiful, and anyone walking in will still be able to recognise lots of the original features. We hope that local community will enjoy looking at the façade when we do reveal it, as it’s been restored to a high level and is something that everyone can be proud of.
“Although the project received some negative press previously, we have had nothing but lots of positive comments from residents. People are really excited to see the building restored to its former glory, as there lots of fond memories of the Baths from years gone by.”
Nick also told Bishopston Voice that they have had lots of interest from local businesses to take the ground floor office space, and a Bristol-based business has also said that they would like to lease the first floor, with further details to be announced shortly.
He added:  “We said that this would be a fast track programme, and we have been true to our word. Although we have found things we hadn’t anticipated, nothing has been too contentious and everything is on track for the space to be ready for occupation at the end of September or the start of October.
“We’re excited to see the project completed – it’s going to become a real community asset.”