Wet weather challenges for Sonics

March 04 2016

Wet weather challenges for Sonics

ALL of us at Golden Hill Sonics have been hugely frustrated by the weather so far this year! It has been extremely challenging trying to get games on when so many pitches have been damaged by all the rain.

Most of our older year groups use astroturf surfaces for midweek training so the kids have been able to carry on playing at Henbury School and St.Bede’s but we haven’t had many matches on the weekends since Christmas.

Most of our coaches and kids are keen to play whatever the weather so we take advantage of various green spaces in Bristol for extra training sessions – we use The Downs, Canford Park and Wellington Hill Playing Field when our pitches at Golden Hill are unplayable.

The support we have had from The Friends of Horfield Common has been much appreciated.

Another option that some of our year groups have used is to hire a facility to play Futsal.

Futsal is usually played indoors (we have used the sports hall at St Ursula’s) so we can avoid the wind, the rain and the cold.

The 5-a-side game is played with a heavier ball, which lends itself to creative play, with technical skills and quick, short passing on display in every game. The rules, including a four second restart rule, mean the matches are very fast paced with all the players constantly involved. There can be a basketball-like nature to the game with players constantly switching between attacking and defending. Futsal is a fantastic, fun sport in its own right (the children have loved playing it) and it helps the kids develop lots of skills that transfer to football.

Fingers crossed the weather will improve very soon and we will be able to play our rescheduled fixtures before we hand Golden Hill back to the Bristol YMCA cricketers shortly after Easter!

Andy Edwards