Westbury Park residents to be asked again about RPS

March 29 2016

Westbury Park residents to be asked again about RPS

RESIDENTS living in the proposed Residents Parking Scheme extension areas, Manor Park and Cambridge Park, are due to be consulted on the proposals this spring.

The Westbury Park Community Association was advised in December 2015 that the RPS Team at the council would be writing to residents living in the remainder of the former Redland RPS area once more early in 2016 to see if there is increased demand to be included in a scheme. After that, the council will decide whether to propose extending the Redland RPS to include the whole area that was previously excluded.

The association was told: “If this proposal is not taken forward, we will not be continually proposing extensions because it is important that each RPS has clear scheme boundaries.”

This response effectively rules out extending the RP area on an incremental basis. Areas such as Blenheim Road will only get RP if the whole of the area previously proposed for RP is included in a scheme.