We can see you! Window wonders

February 29 2016

We can see you! Window wonders

BISHOPSTON’S Window Wanderland celebrations attracted large crowds at the weekend, all out to view the amazing displays that residents had created in their front windows. From the top of the Gloucester Road, through the side streets, all the way down to Cranbrook Road, there were window images to surprise and delight viewers.

Lucy Reeves, founder of Window Wanderland said: “The interactive windows are often the really popular ones as people like to be able to invent things and try something different. As well as the dressing-up box mirror window, people have had great fun with our interactive warrior on King’s Drive.”

THE streets of Bishopston were full of people wandering around a magically lit trail of window displays during the weekend of February 20 and 21.

The creativity of the residents knew no bounds and two streets were having a little party attracting hundreds to enjoy wintery Saturday night outside.

Lucy Reeves, who came up with the idea to light up the neighbourhoods in winter last year, was amazed by all the ideas and how it brought the community together. She said: ”I am so proud that people are proud of where they live.”

Springfield Avenue closed part of the street and local resident, Sara Wheeler, with the help of her neighbours, organized fundraising for Aid Box Convoy, helping refugees in Europe.

Imogen McIntosh, founder of Aid Box Convoy, and her husband were making hot dogs and burgers, MingLi Bogue had asian vegetarian noodles and they were serving hot drinks and cakes. A few houses down, the Campbell family also made hot drinks and cakes for strollers to help support a good cause.

Thornleigh Road enjoyed live music and free pizza to raise money for Children’s Hospice South West.

Sam and Charlie from Pizzarova served around 50 pizzas during the night and live music on the stage in Keith Walker’s garden attracted around 150 people at one point.

Keith said: “It is magic. It’s great that people are not in front of their TVs at home and they start to talk to each other about the ideas and where to go next.”

The stage was available for anyone to perform and on Saturday night there were two bands, a troubadour with an acoustic guitar and a special performance at the end.

Reggi Crabtree, 10 years old, with her friend Shanai Robinson, 13, changed the lyrics of Shawn Mendes song, ‘Stitches’, to sing it on the night. Their new version, ‘Animals’, is about vegetarianism and how we treat animals in today’s world.

For more about Window Wanderland and upcoming events in other parts of Bristol visit www.windowwanderland.wordpress.com