Walk North Bristol launch new routes to Southmead Hospital

April 29 2018

A new set of walking routes from Bishopston to Southmead Hospital is being launched by Walk North Bristol.

The routes, funded by the Dr Jazz Charitable Fund, are an extension of the work begun by the Walk Your Way To Health (WYWTH) project, now named Walk North Bristol. Mick Broggio started the walking project to build up his strength and fitness when he was recovering from a hip operation:

“We wanted to extend the Bishopston walking routes, to improve health and reduce pollution. They take walkers through Horfield Common and the quieter routes which makes it a much more pleasant way of walking. Southmead Hospital is much nearer from hear than you’d think,” he said.

One of the new routes is from the Nevil Road Surgery through Horfield Common to Southmead, another takes walkers from the Gloucester Road Medical Centre past Cary Grant’s former house and through back roads to Southmead. A third route involves going around the perimeter of Horfield Common. Cafes and pubs are marked on the way for toilet and refreshment stops.

Esther Coffin-Smith, Sustainable Development Manager, North Bristol NHS Trust said: "North Bristol NHS Trust has been keen to work with Bishopston Cotham and Redland Community Partnership (BCRCP) to extend our existing lunchtime walking routes for staff to include routes to/from local GP surgeries and the surrounding area to increase the opportunities to ‘prescribe’ walking to patients, as well as encouraging access to our local green space."

The maps will be stocked at local doctor’s surgeries and Room 212 and available on websites including BCRCP.org.uk, The Bishopston Society and the Ramblers