Vineyard News: June 2018

May 29 2018

As usual, the months of April and May go from being fairly sedate to a mad dash within the space of a few days.

 Being a rosé producer my busy time for wine sales always coincides with an upturn in vineyard work, which can make life a little hectic when the sun finally decides to show itself. 

We had a little launch party at Bellita, one of our restaurant customers in Cotham, to celebrate the release of the new Pinot noir rosé. Since then I’ve been delivering wine left right and centre as well as trying to finish the pruning and get things in order as the vines start to grow. I’ve also been showing the new wine at a few wine events including the Crush Wine Weekend. We attended a special evening at Nutmeg restaurant in Clifton where their special Goan tasting menu paired different courses with different wines – really interesting and fun to try.

At the vineyard the swallows have finally returned but not in such great numbers as last year, which is a bit sad. I’m not sure if it means some have died or just nested somewhere else but I’m hoping it’s the latter. Fingers crossed they have a successful breeding season now they’re here. My vines managed to escape bad frost damage on a very cold night we had around 1st May. A frost wasn’t predicted in the lead up to that day but the cloud cover unexpectedly cleared in the afternoon which suddenly meant the temperature had the potential to drop very low once the sun had set. After a rather sleepless night, I rushed out to find the little green buds had somehow escaped bad damage. Phew! I was thanking my lucky stars that morning! 

Our big news is that we recently won ‘Best Food/Drink Producer’ at the Bristol Life Awards! As I was at the annual English Wine Trade Tasting event in London that day I sent my partner Stephen along to the award ceremony, so he was a bit shocked to find himself suddenly giving a speech on my behalf. In all seriousness, it was great for us as a relatively small producer to win this award at such an early stage in our development.



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