Vineyard News: July 2018

June 25 2018

June is a very busy month for me both on the vineyard and the wine front.

Rosé sales have been high and with the warm weather we’ve been experiencing the vines have been growing like crazy. There are various sequential events that happen across the growing season in vineyards and this year it feels like they’ve been whizzing past and we’re nearly at harvest. I exaggerate of course but flowering will be happening by the time this goes to print, which is pretty early for us. A warm start to the summer means big flowers and hopefully big bunches of grapes but we won’t know for sure until a few weeks’ time. At the moment the ground is so dry even the tough old vines are looking a bit thirsty and tired – this is almost unheard of in Somerset!

We produced our first still Pinot noir rosé in 2013 and every summer since then we’ve been hoping for enough grapes to make some sparkling as well as still wine. In 2016 this finally happened and this week we got the chance to taste the results. Some of the grapes we picked back in 2016 went to produce our first sparkling white wine, which is now almost finished. We made the journey down to Dorset where winemaker Ian Edwards is about to begin the final stages of the sparkling winemaking process. My usual winemaker near Glastonbury made the base wine for our sparkling but he doesn’t have the expensive kit needed to complete the process. We went down to decide the dosage and final style we’d like our sparkling wine to be. We’ve only made 500 bottles but it’s exciting nonetheless. Next year we’ll be even more excited when we add sparkling red to our growing list of wines!



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