Use your thumb to travel

May 26 2016

Use your thumb to travel

A PAIR of 65-year-olds have launched a service to allow drivers and ‘hitchers’ in Bristol to travel more safely.      

Barry Cash, from Bishopston, and Chris Herbert, from Stoke Bishop, used their savings to create GreenThumb Travel to cut carbon emissions, while also raising money for charities to protect the Rainforest.

Those accepting a lift will use a Smartphone app to record the vehicle registration and their destination to make it safer for all concerned.

The duo, who met while working as financial advisers, hope the service will also cut traffic in the city. Barry said: “Climate change is real and we need to act now. We believe this initiative will help significantly reduce fuel emissions and improve Bristol’s transport system.

“It’s not practical for everybody to cycle, such as the elderly or infirm. This should provide a quick, cheap and practical way to get around the city. At the same time, money raised from the venture will go towards Rainforest charities.”

The fee is £5, of which £1 will go towards three charities: Size of Wales which is helping to protect an area of the Rainforest the size of Wales, Orangutan Land Trust and Rainforest Saver Foundation.

Drivers can sign up to receive offers, such as discounted car maintenance.

Chris, from Parry’s Lane, who was a partner in the renowned family run Joe’s Bakery, said: “The environment is something we both feel passionately about and we want to combat climate change. “We want to do our bit to help preserve the planet for future generations.” For more information, visit www.