Traders' organisation seeks new leaders

July 30 2020

The chair and secretary of Gloucester Road Enterprise and Trade (GRE&T) are retiring from their positions and hope to pass the group on to the next generation of traders.
Outgoing chair of GRE&T, Martin Hunt has been active in the traders' organisation for the last 20 years, and says: “To stay relevant, GRE&T needs to have several active and enthusiastic traders running it as well as the support of most traders on the road.
“As traders you will have invested time and money in your business, but if the traders along the road also pull together with a common purpose then the likelihood of continued success for all is far greater.”
Peter Browne, the outgoing secretary of GRE&T, is concerned that the organisation faces the same membership commitment problems as the recently closed Bishopston Society and the former Gloucester Road Business Improvement District (GRBID).
“Perhaps we need an organisation with at least the purpose and clout of a Neighbourhood Partnership or of a BID, but which does not rely for funding on a meagre council grant or on an unpopular compulsory levy on small businesses,” explained Peter.
“If it had the potential to deliver locally the social and environmental agenda that people want, maybe there is a good chance that the funding and community engagement would follow?”
Martin Hunt is keen that the successful trading along the Gloucester Road remains supported. He says: “Talk to your neighbouring traders and see what can be achieved. Remember: it is much easier to keep an organisation such as this going than it is to start again from scratch.
“This is an open invitation to anybody who wants the Gloucester Road to thrive, whether a GRE&T member, a GRE&T News subscriber or a supporter of our unique high street in other ways, to step up and help take the group forward into the future.”
For more information please contact Martin Hunt at