Top marks for Redmaids’ High: school celebrates breadth, depth and diversity

August 24 2018
Top marks for Redmaids’ High: school celebrates breadth, depth and diversity

Students from Bristol-based all-girls’ school, Redmaids’ High, have been celebrating an excellent set of A-lvel results across a diverse range of subjects.

These follow on from a first class set of International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma results this July, with an impressive average point score of 38 out of a possible 45 - the global average is 29.

By prioritising development of the whole girl, giving breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, as well as an international mindedness, Redmaids’ High aims to equip girls to become the leaders of tomorrow. Furthermore, the scholarships and bursaries the school offers ensure that any able and ambitious girls in the region are given the chance to truly flourish.

100% A*A grades were achieved across subjects ranging from Economics and Russian, to Polish and Art. 53% of grades awarded to the year group were the top A*A (A Level) or 7,6 (IB) with a number heading to Oxbridge and eight girls going on to study medicine.

One of these medics is former Head Girl Anjali Mehta, who joined the school from Burundi in Year 9, speaking very little English at the time. She achieved A*A*A and will go to Nottingham this autumn.

Also Zahra Yaqub, who was joined by her older sister Fatima in celebration of her straight A results. Zahra is now following in her sister’s footsteps by starting a medicine degree at Liverpool.

Bursary student Francesca Lee, an accomplished musician who recently took part in a workshop with royal wedding soprano, Elin Manahan Thomas, was delighted today to receive A*AAB, securing her place to study aerospace engineering at Brunel University London on a £6,000 scholarship.

This cohort also included the school’s first Oasis Brightstowe scholar. Yasmin Kongsfelt, who is a talented artist and was a Head Almoner for the school, achieved A*AB to secure her first choice of philosophy at Durham.

Yasmin said, “Being here on a scholarship has been amazing. I have been given so many opportunities and I’ve made sure to take up every one of them!”

Thea Rickard and Molly Whitworth, who came to Redmaids’ High in 2016, achieved AAA and A*A*AA respectively. Thea will now study English at University College London and Molly will be heading to Durham to study maths.

The IB students celebrated their successes at the start of July, including Sammy Munday who got an impressive 43 points to secure her first choice university option studying history and languages at Exeter. Lauren Figes- Jones received 42 points and will be taking up her place to study Russian and philosophy at Oxford. She will be joined there by Ella Harrison, who was awarded 43 points, and will study medicine.

Isabel Tobias, Headmistress of Redmaids’ High said: “We are so thrilled for the achievements of our Year 13s this summer with many gaining the top grades of A*A at A Level and 7/6 in the IB Diploma. But even more than that, it is wonderful to see our students, who come from many different backgrounds, going on to explore such a diverse range of interests.”