Third win for Bristol West MP Thangam Debbonaire

January 02 2020


The General Election of 2019 - the third in the last five years - saw Thangam Debbonaire retain her Bristol West seat for with a large majority.
The Labour Party retained all four seats in Bristol, despite heavy losses to the Conservatives nationally.
The battle for the Bristol West seat has been fierce with the Green Party targeting it as a possible second seat in Parliament. Despite a high profile campaign run by the Green Party to get Bristol City councillor Carla Denyer elected, the result was that the Green Party came second and the Labour Party held onto the seat.
Thangam Debbonaire received 47,028 votes, giving her a majority of 28,219.
Carla Denyer received 18,809 votes, a strong vote for the Green Party, but not enough to take the seat.
Suria Aujla took third place for the Conservative party with 8,822 votes. The other candidate standing for election was Neil Hipkiss of the Brexit Party who polled 869 votes.
The turnout for the election on December 12 in the Bristol West constituency was high - 76.5 per cent - but less than the 2017 voter turnout of 77.19 per cent. The vote share for the Labour Party was substantial at 62.3 per cent but down by 3.7 percent since the 2017 election. The Green Party increased their vote share by 12 per cent to poll 24.9 per cent of the vote.
The election result was announced at around 4am and Thangam Debbonaire MP thanked all the candidates for running a robust, clear and strong campaign.
She said: "People voting and campaigning - this is the mark of a free and democratic country.
"Obviously this evening this has not resulted in the Labour government I would have liked.
"I will do my best to try and serve the people of Bristol what they voted for.
"It will be harder under the government we hoped not to have but we will always try our best to serve each and every one of you."