A taste of San Francisco comes to Gloucester Road

November 29 2013

A NEW San Francisco-inspired restaurant is to open its door early next year.

A NEW San Francisco-inspired restaurant is to open its door early next year.
Bakers & Co will be Season & Taste Limited's second restaurant to open in Bristol, following the success of Bravas, a tapas restaurant on Cotham Hill.
The new restaurant is to open in January 2014 and will be in place of the Bishopston Trading Company, which closed in July.
Owners, Kieran and Imogen Waite, both 29, believe that growth is an important part of their business and aim to provide more opportunities for their staff. Imogen Waite, executive chef at Bakers & Co, tile cutting at the new restaurant
Kieran Waite said: "Since opening Bravas last April we have taken every opportunity to promote staff. We try to involve our team in everything, taking them away on annual trips to London and Spain to visit vineyards and dine in top restaurants."
He added: "You cannot underestimate the value of showing them the roots of inspiration for our tapas bar."
Bravas, which has been trading for 18 months, was awarded 'best tapas' and 'best newcomer' at the Bristol Good Food awards and has been listed in the 2014 Good Food Guide.
Kieran and Imogen have sent chef, Hayley Hastings, to San Francisco to dine in restaurants producing fresh brunch menus. Staging has also been arranged at Bar Tartine - sister restaurant of the famous Tartine Bakery - allowing her to learn new techniques and pick up recipe ideas for Bakers & Co.
The idea for the San Francisco brunch menu began when Kieran and Imogen were living in Australia.
He said: "They have a fantastic coffee culture, and eating out for brunch is more common. People seem to get together and make more of an occasion out of going out for brunch in the same way we go out for dinner here.
"I have chef friends still living in Melbourne who even go out for brunch dates!"
Research led the husband and wife to discover a similar culture existing in San Francisco.
He added: "We booked a trip in September and spent time visiting the best brunch joints in and around the city, as well as farmers markets and vineyards. They have amazing artisan produce and really fly the flag for farm-to-table dinning.
"We really liked the restaurant scene in San Francisco. Most of the good places have open kitchens with unreserved seats around the bar - people can drop in for really good food without reservations.
"There was a great atmosphere and joining the line was part of the fun. Some places even gave free coffee whilst you waited."
The menu at Bakers & Co will have five choices for breakfast, brunch, lunch and drinks, as it challenges the team to find the five best dishes, ensuring the food is always fresh.
Bakers & Co will encompass a daytime space, an open kitchen, counter dining and vibrant food displays.