Students promote hair identity message

April 28 2022

Ziham, Sienna, Miss Cashan Campbell, Ria and Frances

Ziham, Sienna, Miss Cashan Campbell, Ria and Frances

Fairfield High School has won recognition for its work around the identity and promotion of hair importance  for black people.

Students belonging to the school's Arise group (Anti-Racism in Schools and Education) have worked hard to raise awareness of unfair treatment in other schools of students who are trying to reconnect with their heritage. Some of these students have been excluded  because their hair is too short, too long, too big or too full.

The Arise group organised  'The Big Hair Assembly’ to tell their peers about the Halo Collective, which  aims to end hair discrimination in schools. As a result, FHS has been awarded Halo Status.

Assistant Vice Principal Cashan Campbell said: “This is a really exciting moment for our school. We’ve been doing a lot of work around identity and the promotion of hair importance, and for this to be recognised by the Halo Collective is a real accolade.

“I would like to thank our Arise team, especially Sienna, Ria, Ziham and Frances for their sterling work on this initiative, one of their many projects designed to encourage inclusivity and stamp out anti-racism through education.”

The students added: “We heard examples in other schools where hair culture is not accepted, so we wanted to take steps to officially recognise Fairfield and how inclusive it is. Arise supports all races so the Halo Collective was an easy choice for us.”