St Andrews Park paddling pool opens for summer

May 29 2018

WITH the recent good weather we’ve had, the Friends of St Andrews Park (FOSAP) are pleased to announce that the park’s paddling pool is now open.

FOSAP has been in contact with Bristol City Council officers for a while about the pool, although Chair of the group, David Cemlyn, has no idea whether they were able to influence the decision to reopen it.  

In addition, there is also some good news to report about the park’s toilets, which will now be open from 8.30am to one hour before sunset. FOSAP is also still looking at options for self closing toilets.

Unfortunately, there is still no word about the fate of Fay Aldridge’s Tea Garden. As previously reported in Bishopston Voice, the decision to re-tender the café concession in St Andrews Park has been upheld by Bristol City Council, despite facing strong opposition from over 5,000 petitioners.  Speaking to Bishopston Voice, Fay said: “I’ve been billed for the concession until the end of June and I’m still waiting to go out to tender – the uncertainty makes it really hard, especially in regards to staff.”

Commenting further, David Cemlyn said: “Aspects of the matter have again been taken up by FOSAP who remain optimistic of an outcome that meets everyone’s wishes. These will be discussed at FOSAPs next open committee meeting on May 23.” 

In terms of the group’s future plans, FOSAP has also applied for a grant from the Co-op for some sculptures and outdoor gym equipment for the park, and they hope to be able to give an update on this in the next issue of Bishopston Voice. 

In addition, the group would also like to offer a young person the chance to gain experience in journalism. Working with members and their press officer, the voluntary role would involve interviewing and writing up copy for local publications and perhaps getting the group’s newsletter restarted, with expenses covered.  FOSAP would also like to hear from disabled people about their experiences and views of St Andrews Park as they are looking for advice.  In both cases, please email David at to arrange a chat.