Spirit Sisters prepare for Bristol event

February 25 2019

Three sisters who share a special gift will give a public demonstration of mediumship on Saturday March 16t at Westbury Park Spiritualist Church.

spirit sisters
Known as the The Spirit Sisters, Louise, Simone and Michelle are fast gaining a UK-wide reputation for their accurate and moving demonstrations at a variety of venues around the country.
Together they provide not only accurate evidence of survival beyond physical death but are able to convey a tangible sense of the touching bond between loved ones separated by a passing.
With only 18 months between them in age (Simone and Michelle are twins) they all began having psychic experiences during their teenage years. Each of the sisters went on to develop her special gift independently. They first began working together as platform mediums as an experiment in 2016. It was to become a turning point in their lives, and they have never looked back.
“To see these three amazing women working together is a privilege,” says Minister Marian Bishop. “They have a sisterly bond which helps them facilitate genuine communication with loved ones who have passed to spirit.”
The demonstration of mediumship by the Spirit Sisters will take place at 7pm on Saturday March 16th at Westbury Park Spiritualist Church, Cairns Road, BS6 7TH.  Tickets should be obtained in advance to secure a seat and are priced at £8.
For further information visit www.westburyparkspiritualistchurch.org or call 0117 977 1629.