Slimming World folk cast off old clothes

March 25 2019

The Slimming World Clothes Throw took place last month. Slimming World local groups were encouraging their members to donate any clothes that are now too big for them to Cancer Research.

Slimming World folk cast off old clothes
Carolyn,  who runs groups at Horfield Leisure Centre on Wednesdays and at Filton Sports Centre on Mondays, says that this event has been running every year since 2013, and has during this time, raised millions of pounds for Cancer Research. Last year alone £3 million was raised.
This year  Slimming World are celebrating their 50th anniversary and they are hoping to exceed this amount and in doing so, help fund research into this worthy cause.
Slimming World groups are held all over Great Britain and details of local groups can be found in this paper.