Shaun the sheep named

January 28 2016
Shaun the sheep named

Shaun the sheep named

FAIRFIELD High School received some great entries for the naming of Shaun the Sheep which featured in our December issue.

Shaun was designed, painted and now takes residence at the school. It was a tough decision, but the FHS is delighted with the winning name:

EWE-NITED NATIONS! It’s a clever play with words, especially in light of the multitude of flags covering Shaun’s back.

Other strong contenders were EWENION and EWE-UNION FLAG.

There were three winners of the prize: Connie Davies aged 8 Isabel Smith (age 9) and Oscar Smith (age 7)

Each of these winners will receive their own loveable Shaun, as featured in this photograph, and we look forward to sharing a snap of the winners with their prizes next time.