Sharing ideas on Bishopston culture

April 26 2019

The Bishopston Cultural event took place at the beginning of April at the cricket ground. The Bishopston Society held the event to celebrate the wide range of local cultural amenities and activities. Things were already buzzing with conversations well before the meeting had officially begun, this while the exhibitors were variously setting up their displays. Conditions were clearly ideal for some serious networking.

More than 25 different exhibitors turned up to spread the word regarding their particular local activity or organisation. Representatives covering areas as diverse as Art, Photography, Literature, Music and Drama, Local History, Community and Media, Parks and Gardening, and Sport and Wellbeing were all present to inform local people about their work and how one can get involved in or support what they do.
Thus local photographers Paul Bullivant and Colin Moody found they were advertising their work alongside Mike Manson, local author and historian, while the Kelvin Players were promulgating their amateur dramatics group, cheek by jowl with RiffRaff choir. Friends of Horfield Common, Friends of St Andrews Park and Horfield Organic Community Orchard had to jostle slightly for display space next to North Bristol Community Project and the two local news media publications, Bishopston Matters and of course, Bishopston Voice.
Feedback from the small groups was generally very positive and it was felt that the event had been well worthwhile, with all groups, individuals and organisations successfully delivering and disseminating information about themselves.
It was suggested that if a similar event had been held at a weekend, and maybe in a more public space like the Gloucester Road, it would have reached out to a much larger and more disparate audience.
So, plenty to consider for future events but a good evening was had by all.