SGS teens go for goal

August 24 2018

SGS College’s A-Level students achieved excellent results with more than 67% of A2 students attaining grades A* - C. Twelve per cent of students achieved either A* and A.

Callum Fitzgerald was ecstatic to receive his results, achieving A-level A grades in maths, physics and economics and an A in AS level further maths. Callum is now one step closer to achieving his dream of becoming an investment banker and will go on to study at Nottingham University.

Student Elliott Burgess moved house just before starting his A Levels. Although he was nervous about starting at a new school he quickly felt at home at SGS.

Elliott achieved an A* in maths, A in physics, B in chemistry and an A in AS level further maths, securing his place at Southampton University.

Football star Aimee Palmer, achieved grades A in psychology, B in biology and C chemistry. Aimee is now heading off to the University of Salford.