September 2019: News from your local MP

August 27 2019

Sort out the Brexit mess - that's the message I'm getting loud and clear

I hope everyone had a lovely summer.
This is often a time of new starts: children off to a new school or moving up a class, starting a new job or project, or a new activity in your spare time. New things can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, they can inspire hope and anxiety as well as being energising.
We have a new Prime Minister and government and there are major events happening this autumn with far-reaching consequences for us all. I’m taking this opportunity to be proactive and write to the Prime Minister and key ministers about what we need in Bristol West and what you’ve told me you want our national priorities to be. For example, many of you have told me about your concerns that schools are not being adequately funded by the government. I’m in regular communication with head teachers about funding and will be meeting up with some early in the autumn, to inform how I lobby the new ministers.
As well as proper funding for schools, health, the council, the police and so on, you’ve also told me you want MPs to sort the mess of Brexit out. This continues to be the number one topic in my inbox as your MP.  
As most of you know, the date of the UK’s postponed departure from the EU is on 31 October. Most people who contact me, though not all, have told me that you want us to remain in the EU if possible, but you definitely don’t want us to be leaving without a deal, which is a possibility. I know that many of you want us to have a further referendum on any deal – though at the moment it is not clear if there is any deal to vote on.
So, my priorities in Parliament are helping to prevent us from leaving the UK on 31 October with no deal (also called a no-deal-Brexit), promoting the arguments for our continued EU membership, pushing for a further referendum and – if there is one – campaigning for us to remain in the EU. This will be tricky, but there are democratic Parliamentary and legal processes we can use, and I am working with colleagues from all political parties on this.
If you want to know more about what I’m doing on your behalf on Brexit, please book a place at my next free Brexit event on Saturday 14 September, 2-4pm at Redland Park United Reformed Church, Whiteladies Road, BS6 6SA. Information on how to book a place can be found on my website (
Meanwhile, if you are an EU citizen please make sure you have applied for your UK Settled Status in good time. So far people are telling me the process has worked well, but as always please let me know if there are problems. Please visit or contact Avon and Bristol Law Centre if you need legal advice (