September 2017: On The Beat

August 24 2017

We recently dealt with an incident where a bike was stolen from a car in Redland after being left on view in the boot.

We recently dealt with an incident where a bike was stolen from a car in Redland after being left on view in the boot. The thief smashed the back window to remove it. Our advice would always be to remove all your property – especially valuables – from your vehicle. But, if you really have no option but to leave a bike or push chair inside, then make sure it can’t be seen and, where possible, it’s locked to a solid part. We know this is a pain to do, but the people committing these crimes rely on speed and going undetected – the harder and noisier an item is to steal, the less attractive it is.

 Recently, a number of people have reported thefts from their sheds and garages, but have been unable to provide frame numbers for bikes or serial numbers for tools.  Please take time not just to ensure items and outbuildings are secure, but that you have up to date records of the property you own. We’d also encourage you to register bikes on and other valuables on so that, if the worst happens, we have a greater chance of returning them to you. 

At the beginning of August, a number of vehicles and a bicycle were damaged on Kersteman Road and Redland Court Road, as well as a car stolen and burnt out. We need witnesses – if you saw anything suspicious or have any information that could help, please contact us online or on the non-emergency number, 101. 

A number of incidents have been reported in Bristol and South Gloucestershire where elderly and vulnerable people have been the victims of scams, most recently involving criminals posing as HMRC workers stating victims owe money, requesting cash is transferred and threatening arrest if a fine is unpaid. These criminals can be very convincing and it’s not just the elderly, vulnerable and less ‘tech-savvy’ that are taken in.

Remember, it’s always ok to say no.  Genuine callers will always be happy for you to get advice and support from family, friends or professionals such as bank staff.

Our advice is:

• If you get this sort of unexpected call, end it immediately

Never phone an unexpected caller back on the number displayed when they call, or any number they give you

If you are concerned about your tax status, contact HMRC directly using details from, the phone book, or HMRC correspondence you know to be genuine

If you believe you have been contacted by a fraudster, report it and receive a police crime reference number by calling Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or using their online fraud reporting tool: 

There’s information on the Action Fraud website, about this and other scams, and on

 For those of you with children at Cotham School, please keep an eye out for PC Gabriela Hatter, who begins a new post as school beat manager from mid-September.  We have a number of dedicated schools officers working across the city, who build valuable relationships with students, staff and parents, to ensure their safety and wellbeing within school and the wider community. 

Thanks to everyone that attended the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Forum.  Please keep an eye on the ‘in your area’ section of our website for future dates. 



 Sergeant Adam Dolling