Roads campaign group’s new name

May 26 2016
Roads campaign group’s new name

Roads campaign group’s new name

by Zuzana Pohloudkova

THE community campaign originally formed to consider Dongola Road OneWay has relaunched with a new name, “SAFERoads”.

The campaign has grown quickly since first being reported in the Bishopston Voice earlier this year and now has representatives from Dongola Road, Kennington Avenue and Nevil Road. Neil Wellman, the resident who started the campaign in Dongola Road, said: “The new name reflects our wider remit and our demand for a BCC traffic survey, consultation and a range of solutions to the traffic problems across our area. We’re working on establishing contact and finding a way to work together in the wider area.”

The locals reported a few traffic incidents in the space of last month. There was a car collision on Nevil Road and a passing car ran over woman’s foot on Dongola Road. One car clipped Jo Simpson, representative of the campaign in Kennington Avenue, while she was remonstrating with the driver for speeding. Jo, a local resident and police officer, said: “I just stepped into the road as the car was coming up quickly. I asked him to slow down and he drove his car forwards despite me standing right next to his bonnet and caught me with his wing mirror. I have phoned the police. We must report attitudes like this.”

The campaigners have strong support from the local councillors, Neighbourhood Partnership, Police Community Support Officer and a local traffic planner, who has offered to provide advice and guidance. The Neighbourhood Partnership is only limited to one new road scheme a year and the next available slot will be in March 2017.

However, some preliminary work, such as implementing radars, can be carried out. The residents have started to do their own surveys in Dongola Road and Kennington Avenue to provide evidence for May’s Resident Forum and to pin down the times and directions of the traffic flows that might need to be investigated further.

They also hope to set up a Community SpeedWatch Group. You can find more about the campaign on the new facebook page SAFERoads or contact .