‘Rising support’ for 20mph limit

September 25 2015

20MPH speed limits must be maintained across the area, says local councillor Martin Fodor.

20MPH speed limits must be maintained across the area, says local councillor Martin Fodor.

His plea has come following a recent petition which calls on the council to scrap the controversial speed limit.

Councillor Fodor spoke out against the petition, which has gained over 8,000 signatures, during a debate at a recent Full Council meeting.

He says that the speed limit is vital in making roads safe for the public, as slower speeds mean less damage and fewer fatalities.

Councillor Fodor adds that there has been rising support where the limit exists across the Bishopston, Redland, Cotham and Ashley wards. He also says that rather than abolishing the limit, more enforcement needs to be made, as there has been limited, occasional action to catch those speeding.

The roll-out of the 20mph limit was introduced on January 20, 2014 as part of a citywide road safety campaign.

Bishopston and Redland were two of the first areas to receive the limit.

Councillor Fodor criticised the anti-20mph petition, saying that many of the signatures should be ignored because they are out of town commuters and not the residents benefitting from the limit.

He continued: “Steady, calm driving actually saves fuel – acceleration followed by braking in fact wastes fuel.

“Given most roads have crossings, lights, hazards, then slower, steadier speeds means lower fuel bills and less wear and tear on brakes as they get used less often. So calmer, better driving helps the driver, too.”

Scott Shepherd, the lead petitioner of ‘Scrap 20mph limit in Bristol and restore common sense’, said: “George Ferguson has wasted £2.3m of taxpayers’ money to implement a completely ludicrous 20mph limit over most of Bristol which he intends to extend to the whole city.

“No driver objects to a 20mph limit near a school for example but a blanket roll out is totally absurd.

“We the undersigned are of the opinion that roads will only be made more dangerous with frustrated drivers and people watching the speedo rather than where they're going.

“30mph has been in place for many, many years, and is the national speed limit because it is ample control in urban areas except for specific spots.

“Restore common sense and reverse this stupid waste of money. The Bristol public don't need GF preaching this rubbish at the tax payer expense.”

The response to the debate is now being considered by Bristol Mayor George Ferguson and Assistant Mayor for Place, councillor Simon Cook.