Residents want one way traffic for Dongola Road

February 29 2016

Residents want one way traffic for Dongola Road

By Zuzana Pouloukova
LOCAL residents ask that action is taken to investigate a “one way” scheme for a lower part of Dongola Road because of traffic flow problems and safety issues.

Neil Wellman, who raised the issue with the mayor’s office, Neighbourhood Partnership, local councillors and residents, said: “Having lived in Dongola Road for almost 30 years I have seen increasing numbers of vehicles travelling in opposite directions along the road confronting each other and not being able to pass.

“This, at best, results in one or the other party having to reverse long distances to allow the other to pass, which is not easy given the narrowness of the road and shortage of spaces. At worst it has resulted in “faceoffs” which at times have become aggressive. I have witnessed verbal abuse, bullying and threats.”

Mr Wellman and some residents have had minor bumps and scrapes on their cars with one reporting damage worth £500.

Households in Lower Dongola Road and the corner of Ashley Down Road, those directly affected, mostly support the idea. From 61 households asked by Mr Wellman, 37 took part in the poll.

Of those, 34 are for the proposal, 2 against and 1 is undecided.

Dongola Road residents Jodie Steimetz and her family, said: “We are very much for the proposal to make Dongola Road one way for many reasons. The road has become dangerous for children as cars rush past to get through before another car tries approach from the other direction.

There is a bend in the road so you can’t always see oncoming traffic which again makes cars accelerate to get down the road.

“Also, when there is a cricket or football match the road does become very blocked not only with traffic wishing to bypass the lights at Ashley Down, but also with parked cars,and cars trying to park so there is just no room to pass. When this happens people get very angry and there’s usually a standoff.”

During last Neighbourhood Forum, some opposed the idea due to a possible knock-on effect on adjacent roads and increase speed causing more danger.

Supporters recognise those issues and that wider study might be necessary, but they also want a solution to their immediate problems.

Bishopston Neighbourhood Partnership Sustainable Travel Working Group have a budget to deal with smaller road issues.

Roger Gimpson, chair of the Group, said: “We need to propose the issue to the council to do a proper analysis of the traffic flow and residents opinions in the whole area.”

The council stated that they are aware of concerns about parking on Dongola Road and other roads in that area. These concerns have passed to the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership for further consideration later this year.

The next application to propose a road scheme from the partnership will be in April 2017.

Currently there is a proposal for new double yellow line restriction for the area as part of the Council’s Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground Parking Review.

All reported traffic issues in Bristol can be found on under section Tracker. The reports from local residents can be found under the selected Partnership.

To report or comment on traffic issue contact Council’s Highways department or BCR Neighbourhood Partnership. To effectively collect comments include number of the report. The Dongola road issue is listed as 1202.