Residents pay up for trees

April 29 2018

A campaign to raise money to replace two diseased trees in Egerton Road has smashed its target thanks to the generosity of local community.

Following an appeal for £620 to replace diseased street trees near numbers 24/26 and 33 Egerton Road, the residents have raised £780.

As well as the on-line campaign via the Egerton Road Facebook page and JustGiving site, resident Tom Lander leafleted every house in the road to try to capture people who are 'off line'. He also wrote to the two schools and church in Egerton Road, hoping for a 'Corporate' sponsor and left a flyer in the Co-Op. 

Local people were very keen to help, and one young resident of Egerton Road donated this colourful image to help brighten up the appeal, copies of which have been attached to the condemned trees.

Tom Lander said: “The support to replace the ornamental pear trees in Egerton Road has been excellent, with many very generous donations. We have now reached and exceeded the target only one week after I set up the fund raising drive last Saturday.”

The council no longer replace diseased trees free of charge. Community sponsorship to fund replacements is needed and can be very successful, as was seen in recent months when residents got together to crowdfund replacement trees in Longmead Avenue, Maple Road and Berkeley Road. 

““The residents have come up trumps!” said Tom.

“The result has been better than I expected. People have been very encouraging and value the trees for various reasons. This kind of fund raising is easier in more prosperous areas and streets than disadvantaged ones, which is a concern.

“I have suggested using the surplus money to fund tree(s) in poorer areas, or adopt a tree under the council scheme. 

"It has also been suggested to hold the funds until a replacement tree is required on Egerton Road. 

“Once the fund raising is closed I will see how much we have left over and canvass opinions.”