Research cameras installed on street trees

August 27 2019

An experiment to explore the role that trees play in cooling streets and test the effectiveness of low-cost environmental monitoring has been taking place in residential streets in Redland this summer.

Forest Research secured UK Space Agency funding through the Satellite Catapult to carry out the project. Working in partnership with Defra, a network of sensors were installed in Northumberland Road and Salisbury Road in mid July to monitor the differences between roads with and without trees. The sensors will remain in place over the summer months.
Two types of sensor boxes have been mounted on to lighting columns monitoring meteorological conditions including wind speed, temperature and relative humidity. Power is provided by a combination of solar panels, batteries and the lighting column itself.  
The project will feed into ongoing strategy development for blue green infrastructure, tackling urban heat and smart cities. It will also provide valuable insights into the performance of low-cost sensors.