Refugee charity’s ‘Refutree’ campaign - making Christmas spirit last all year long

December 11 2019

A Bristol charity that supports refugees by providing a free shop and meeting hub in the city, has launched its fourth ‘Refutrees’ Christmas campaign - the fundraising from this ensures the charity can provide even more help in 2020.

Aid Box Community (ABC) was set up following a grassroots movement of people from Bristol formed to distribute aid in the refugee camps in Northern France. It has since grown into a charity supporting displaced people in the city and Bristol people raised £25K for it to move to a new home on Stokes Croft in 2019. 

The Refutree campaign started in 2016 and is now altogether has raised major funds for the organisation, all of which goes directly to front line support providing everyday items from socks to saucepans.

The funds raised from just one Refutree can pay for bus fares, sanitary packs, pairs of clean pants and fund a women's group to help relieve loneliness and isolation.
Organisers are hoping to smash the target this year through Christmas tree sales, cards made by refugee children and other fundraising activities. Online tree shopping and delivery is also available.
Some stats from the charity in the past three months:
Number of Active Service users - 421 
Number of new service users – 60  
Number of service user visits last 3 months – 442  
Number of Individual Items of aid distributed – 4756  
Number of total Volunteer Hours – 810  
Number of countries our service users originate from – 42  
Gender split 48% Female – 52% Male  


Rob Adlem, CEO of ABC, said: “We have been really blessed with the ongoing support of the local Bishopston and wider community - in fact we wouldn’t be here without it!
"Christmas can be a very lonely time for refugees and asylum seekers as it’s very easy to forget the most vulnerable among us in all the joy and celebration over the festivities.

“This is a simple and effective way of helping support people with the basic items – jumpers to keep warm, pots to cook in and toys for little ones – just simply through buying your Christmas tree from ABC.”

ABC helps refugees and asylum seekers living in the West Country have access to basic goods as many of them arrive with nothing and are forced to live with no financial support or as little as £5 a day.

The shop will be open for buying trees between 10.30am - 7pm at 174b Cheltenham Rd, Bristol BS6 5RE.
Online orders and deliveries can be placed from now until Dec 22nd.