Redland election candidates

May 15 2014

AS residents prepare to go to the polls on May 22 in the city council elections, Bishopston Voice has asked each of the candidates in Redland to tell us in their own words what they hope to achieve if elected as councillor.

AS residents prepare to go to the polls on May 22 in the city council elections, Bishopston Voice has asked each of the candidates in Redland to tell us in their own words what they hope to achieve if elected as councillor.

Alex Smethurst (Liberal Democrat)

Lib Dem candidate for Redland, Alex SmethurstOccupation: Parliamentary Assistant 
Why you are standing in the elections:
I first moved to Bristol in 2010 and I now live locally in Redland on Blenheim Road. I’m standing because I think the council should represent the city it serves: there are not enough young people on the council and at the age of 25, I can bring fresh ideas to the council chamber. In Bristol, the Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting to protect local services and keep council tax down.
Aims and priorities: I’ve already been working with the Lib Dem councillors in Bishopston and Henleaze to restore the Number 20 bus. This helps some of our most vulnerable residents. I’ve also worked with your Lib Dem Cllrs, Fi Hance and Sylvia Townsend, local residents and council officers to ensure residents’ parking works as well as it can. I’ve campaigned on freezing council tax, protecting our parks from illiberal by-laws that would ban ‘offensive’ sports games and on introducing a Living Wage.
Twitter: @alex_mjs 

Christine Wyndham-Thomas (UK Independence Party) 

UKIP candidate for Redland, Christine Wyndham-Thomas Occupation: Secretary
Why you are standing in the elections: My parents taught me to prioritise wisely, especially in financial matters, and to save for a rainy day. It's common sense, but such an aspect is sadly lacking in City Hall. 
Closing down old people's and care homes; selling off Bristol City assets and out-sourcing its services, while spending on vanity schemes, such as Keep Sunday Special, is not prioritising with common sense. I would like to work with The Mayor and, together, put common sense back where it belongs.
Aims and priorities: 
1. Deal with unfair taxes (particularly the Bedroom Tax). From birth to death we are taxed enough. The time has come to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
2. Vanity schemes - let's get our priorities right. Whilst Keep Sunday Special is fun, the amount it costs far outweighs its benefits. Better to keep old people's homes and care homes opened.
3. Political correctness - the enemy of common sense. Time for the extermination of political correctness.

Christopher Morton (Conservative)

 Occupation: Director High-Tech division at Sogeti UK.
Why you are standing in the elections: Bristol and Bristolians deserve more attention than they receive. I have been closely involved in local politics since the Mayoral elections when I campaigned for Geoff Gollop, our Deputy Mayor.
I have seen that it does make a difference; that councillors contribute to make Bristol the fantastic city it is to live in. I want to do my share. Furthermore, I have lived in several countries and cities of all sizes, and I trust I can make a useful contribution, in our debates and on the ground.

Aims and priorities:
- State Secondary education: more local school places in Redland for Redland families
- Better public transport: more frequent, and improved bus routes and half hourly train service. Redland is under served.
- RPZ: preventing a blanket RPZ roll-out in Redland and in the rest of the city
- Redland conservation: some houses have been converted to multiple occupancy. Tenants and landlords must be made aware of their duties to keep the places in clean, cared for and in good condition
- last but not least: let us see Bristol build that new Venue we all deserve.

Laura Collins (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Redland candidate, Laura CollinsOccupation: Conference administrator
I'm standing to protect the jobs and services we all rely on. With £83m cuts being made by the council many things like libraries and care are under threat. All the other parties say we have to accept the cuts being forced on us by government. But I think our councillors should stand up for us, not do the Tories' bidding. Ordinary people have the power to make a change. We've been part of lots of campaigns in Bristol but they'd be stronger if they had a voice on the council. I am standing to be that voice.

Martin Fodor (Green)  

Occupation: environmental consultant to local community groups and small traders, and national policy expert.
Green candidate for Redland, Martin FodorWhy you are standing in the elections: As runner up last year and local activist working here on many issues for the last decade I’m asking voters to choose me to represent Redland. Already part of the Neighbourhood Partnership, I want to help shape council decisions, influence the Mayor, and make our area better - drawing on extensive experience of local government and partnership working. I believe a larger council Green Group will achieve more for our ward and the economy, community and environment of our city
Aims and priorities: To represent Redland, ensure residents shape council and other decisions. Be here for people and groups to talk to and consult - a local person listening and getting things done.
I’m committed to a positive campaign – listening to people and working to ensure constructive, long-term solutions to issues around better transport, supporting local traders and high streets, local schools and education, sustainable energy, and other services. The Green Party lets me speak and vote freely if elected.

Philip Jardine (Labour)

Occupation: Part time NHS administrator
Why I am standing in the elections: I am standing for Redland ward as the Labour candidate, as only the Labour party is campaigining on the issues that people really care about. I grew and went to school and university locally, and know the area well.
Aims and prioirities: I have been out in Redland every week since last Summer, asking residents what they want for the area. People worry about the cost of rent, and the future of local businesses on Gloucester rd. I will work for a Landlords Registration Scheme, and ensure residents parking is kept under review, and push for new initatives to keep local businesses strong.

Stella Jane Perrett (Independent)

Occupation: Stella works for the Planning Inspectorate in Temple Quay and has in the past worked as a journalist for the Post and Western Daily Press.  She is a professional artist and has exhibited her work in local galleries.
Why are you standing in the elections: -
Aims and priorities: -