Record-breaker Lewis returns to school after 700-mile trek

January 30 2014

BISHOPSTON is home to a new world record holder - teenager, Lewis Clarke, is the youngest person ever to trek to the South Pole.

BISHOPSTON is home to a new world record holder - teenager, Lewis Clarke, is the youngest person ever to trek to the South Pole.
It took the 16-year-old just under seven weeks to trek 702 miles from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole.
He arrived at the post, alongside his polar guide, Carl Alvey, on January 18, setting a new world record.
Before calling his parents, Lewis got to enjoy his first proper meal in 48 days - a bowl of spaghetti bolognese, topped with fresh parmesan.
The QEH student is two years younger than the previous record holder, Canadian Sarah McNair-Landry, who completed the challenge in 2005.
Lewis - who is in the midst of studying for his GCSEs - set out on his epic expedition from Hercules Inlet on the Antarctic coast on December 2 - just two weeks after his 16th birthday.
He has now returned back to school, where he will be focusing on revising for his exams in the summer.
He endured 48 gruelling days of temperatures as low as minus 40 and gale force winds of up to 60mph.
Travelling the route on skis with supplies in tow, the pair encountered white-outs and blizzards, with Lewis even breaking a ski. However, they did have the full day-off on Christmas day.
Skiing on average eight or nine hours, Lewis covered roughly 18 miles each day.
Their final day presented the lowest temperatures experienced throughout the entire trip, with temperatures falling as low as minus 50, with wind chill.
The trek is regarded as one of the toughest challenges in the world, with only 300 people having completed the journey.
Lewis underwent a tough training regime in the build up to his trek, which took three years to plan.
In February 2013, he took part in a two week polar training course in Norway, and in April, he completed an expedition on the Greenland coast.
At home, Lewis's training regime included regular tyre pulling exercises on the Clifton Downs and Weston-Super-Mare beach.
But this is not Lewis's first first world record breaking experience. In 2010, Lewis led five other 12-year-old school children to become the youngest relay team to swim the English Channel.
The £3,500 raised from Lewis's expedition will be donated to The Prince's Trust, which supports disadvantaged children.
Lewis plans a series of post-expedition talks and presentations in schools and youth clubs, to inspire and inform other young people.

Lewis on his first day back at QEH