Pupils research school's Victorian origins

December 19 2018
Pupils research school's Victorian origins

Westbury Park Primary School are celebrating their 125th anniversary as a community school this academic year.

Special events are being put in place to mark the date in May 2019 and there are plans afoot to involve the school and the local community.

The school’s enrichment focus is on the community and wellbeing and the children will take part in four different activities over the course of the school year.

The first Enrichment Week took place in November and was an opportunity for pupils across all years to work in their house groups to research information about the school and local neighbourhood throughout its 125 year history. By looking at old newspaper clips and photographs the children found out about how life was for pupils in the past and created individual collages and pictures to commemorate this special event.

Teacher Vicky Inker leads the Enrichment team at Westbury Park School. She said:

“Enrichment weeks are so important and such a fantastic experience for the children. They really enjoy working with other age groups and teachers across the school and really benefit from the activities they are involved in. The children always come back to class buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm.”

There was a school on the site in Bayswater Avenue as early as 1869. It was officially opened as an Infant School in the Victorian era in 1893 when Miss M Eyre was appointed the Headteacher, assisted by two monitors. The number of pupils at the school increased from 56 in 1895 to 133 in 1905. Today, the school has both Infant and Junior Schools on the site and provides an education for 420 pupils.