Public feedback leads to rethink on RPS ... but scheme is still likely to happen

May 29 2015

A NEW proposal for the area included in the original Redland residents' parking scheme (RPS), is set to be revealed this month.

A NEW proposal for the area included in the original Redland residents' parking scheme (RPS), is set to be revealed this month.

The council's residents' parking officer, Jon Toy, told those attending a recent forum meeting that the council is “very close” to developing the proposal and that they know what the new boundary might be.

Postcards were sent to residents in the northern section of Redland, who were excluded from the revised Redland zone due to the majority rejecting the scheme, asking for their feedback since the RPS was implemented last July.

Mr Toy says that he has been going through feedback from the review, which started in January, and that “lots of people” are now wanting the scheme because of displaced parking, particularly north of the Cotham North and Clifton East zones.

He says that he “doesn't think” no change will happen.

Options could include adding extra streets to the Redland or Cotham North scheme, or creating a separate zone for 'Outer Redland'.

One local trader, Pauline Townsend of The Redland Optition, who is based outside of the scheme in Redland Road, says that since the RPS has been introduced, her business has suffered “hugely” from displaced parking.

She said: “I have had lots of problems with my customers trying to find a parking space. Until last July customers could park anywhere, but now there is nowhere for them to park.

“My sales have hit the floor, as customers don't try and stop by me anymore to buy what they need – they just pick everything up from the supermarket instead, or the optitions in town.”

The Redland Optition has been around since 1962 – Pauline is its fourth owner – however, she fears for the shop's future, as well as other businesses along the road.

Pauline originally voted against the scheme, because she did not want to pay the high cost for business permits. However, she now says that she wants a one hour parking limit for roads with businesses to stop commuters clogging the street.

She regarded the whole situation as being “very dispiriting”.

Residents at the forum meeting also expressed fears over the proposed plans for limited parking on the Downs, which could see the permitted time being reduced to four hours, and the impact this could have on the 'Outer Redland' area.

However, Mr Toy assured residents that nothing will be happening immediately on the Downs.

Feedback has also been provided from residents within the Redland RPS, and as a consequence, the council intends to release some extra parking places, remove or shorten some double yellow lines, and change some of the ratios between residents' spaces and visitors' spaces.

To share your views about the scheme, email your local councillor (page 49), or email