Primal Posture: July 2018

June 25 2018

Posture – a natural part of lifestyle medicine

In just the three years I have been writing this posture feature there has been a mighty shift towards lifestyle medicine – that is, acting on the understanding that our health and wellbeing lies in the availability and adoption of truly functional nutrition, exercise, sleep patterns and so on. 

Now advocated on prime time tv by celebrity doctors like Ranjan Chatterjee and Michael Mosley, lifestyle medicine has gone from being the passion of brave pioneers and ‘early adopters’ to mainstream.

It often challenges conventional wisdom. There is, for example, exciting and compelling evidence that the avoidance, management and even reversal of Type 2 diabetes can be achieved through dietary changes. 

Recently in Bristol on her “Fare Thee Well”  tour, Joan Baez uses the Gokhale Method. We also need to radically rethink our approach to structural health, with an increasing proportion of the population needlessly suffering back pain and joint degeneration. Back in March Eddie Mair on Radio 4 asked two expert opinions - a posture teacher versus an osteopath who said that posture was irrelevant to back pain. 

Surprisingly, Gokhale Method teachers consider both sides of this argument have validity. Of course we do think posture is hugely important, but we also see the S-shaped spine, the commonly held ideal of good posture, as misguided and very much a part of the problem.

If you suffer from back pain, or other musculoskeletal problems, the Gokhale Method Free Workshop is an opportunity to find out more. People always find them fascinating and get to take away some practical tips as well as finding out about our life-changing 6-lesson course.  

This will be my last posture feature for a while as I am taking a break to work on some new Gokhale Method projects.  I look forward to sharing them with readers in the future, and who knows, perhaps meeting you in a class?!


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