Primal Posture: July 2017

June 22 2017

Our shoulders are designed to rest back - back where they were when we were children.

Our shoulders are designed to rest back - back where they were  when we were children. Unhelpful  furniture design and sitting habits, and poor postural role models all around us usually result in our head drifting forward, chest muscles tightening, and the upper back rounding over the years. The entire shoulder girdle becomes compromised, leading to various joint, circulation and nerve problems in the area. 

 It’s unhelpful to try and correct this by pulling shoulders back or ‘straightening up’. These well-intended fixes usually only last a short time and actually do more harm than good. The gentle Shoulder Roll movement below allows you to relax your shoulders in to an increasingly open, stable position that requires no effort to maintain.


 • Move one shoulder forward, upward, and far backward as you comfortably can without moving your head, body, or arching your back.

• Gently slide your shoulder blade down along your spine.

• You will find that your shoulder settles further back than usual, without your holding it there.

• You may feel as if the shoulder soft tissue has been ‘ratcheted’ back a notch.

• Repeat on the other side. 

• Start gently and gradually increase the movement and frequency – as long as it is comfortable you are unlikely to over-do this therapeutic movement.


• Better circulation to and from the arms

• Decreased hunching in the upper back

• Reducing upper back and neck tension

• Improved breathing pattern

• Improved appearance


Conditions Helped:

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• RSI injuries

• Poor circulation to the hands

• Shallow breathing

• Shoulder stiffness

Enjoy hands-on help and find out more about natural posture at a Gokhale Method Free Workshop:

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Sunday 23rd July, 4pm, Spicer+Cole, Gloucester Rd

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