Primal Posture: August 2017

July 28 2017

One of the things you probably enjoyed as a child was life in the round.


When did you last do a roly poly?

 One of the things you probably enjoyed as a child was life in the round. I say that because babies and children are instinctively playful and in touch with their bodies, relishing the three-dimensional physicality of life. Remember spinning round, turning upside down, swinging on branches and rolling at the drop of a hat? It’s part of healthy development, and just what the human body evolved to do. 

Unlike our hunter gatherer and labouring ancestors, nowadays we usually go through years of schooling, followed by study and/or comparatively sedentary work. We have learned to park our bodies on furniture and stare at screens. This is widely acknowledged of course. What is perhaps less talked about is how our human experience becomes increasingly forward oriented, tunnel-visioned and two-dimensional. 

Even modern approaches to exercise could be seen to compound our rather linear, end-gaining habits:

• Exercise machines 

• Running to data

• Lane swimming

 When was the last time you went upside down? Really explored the movement of your arms or legs behind you? Invited your body to swing, twirl or spiral? 

Finding ways to move in the round has many physical benefits. It helps develop and retain greater range of movement, balance, freedom in the joints, agility, and general resilience in the body’s structure. 

Also, it can be playful, and literally gives you a fresh perspective! New and varied physical experiences stimulate the brain and gets those neurons firing and connecting.

If you feel this has been missing from your life, try a playful roly-poly in the pool, or a new dance, suitable sport, gardening or perhaps martial arts or Yoga. Something that invites you to step outside the box, use your peripheral vision, open out your arms and chest, wiggle your toes. Have fun!

Clare Chapman is a Postural Health and Yoga teacher. 

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