Prepare for magic like you’ve never seen before!

November 27 2018
Prepare for magic like you’ve never seen before!

Bristol is in for a real treat this Christmas as internationally acclaimed magicians descend on the city for a magical extravaganza when Stars of Magic comes to the Redgrave Theatre on 27-30 December.

For four days in that magical time between Christmas and New Year, people can hide away from the cold and the dark in the intimate setting of Clifton’s Redgrave Theatre and experience joy and wonder from an eclectic mix of performers.

This family-friendly show organised annually by Bishopston magician Rob James, features seven incredible magicians, each delivering their own unique brand of breath-taking performances to astound, delight, and tickle.

Expect the largest scale magic ever performed in Bristol from Matt McGurk and Katia. This pair of dynamic performers specialise in incredible large scale illusions and will take you on an extraordinary journey you will never forget.

The very gifted Horret Wu hails from Taiwan and is a master of card magic. He won first prize at FISM (the magic olympics) for his ground-breaking act that, if you weren’t watching it with your own eyes, you’d swear was trick photography!

Neal Austin is a seasoned pro with many years of experience and countless TV appearances under his belt. A comedy genius specialising in magical mayhem, he will have you laughing till your sides split. But don’t worry, he’ll magically put you back together again!

From China comes the enchanting Huang Zheng who will be sure to win your heart with her slow-paced and beautiful magic act themed around air and wind. This routine is as unique as it is beautiful.

Rob James says: “I am thrilled to be putting on this show for my home crowd. I have worked hard to gather together a collection of truly impressive magicians for this show. I am actually jealous of the audience getting to see all of them for the first time, as it’s remarkable to watch. I also love that it’s perfect for the whole family; mums, dads, kids, grannies and grandads will all be enchanted.”

This is the third year running that Rob has produced the Stars of Magic show at the Redgrave Theatre. For the past two years all the performances sold out as audiences came from all over the UK to see a magic show of this calibre.

Tickets start at £17. For further information and tickets go to