Police seek owners of stolen bikes and tools

March 26 2020

AVON and Somerset police have launched a dedicated online gallery www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/recoveredproperty in a bid to return suspected stolen property to its rightful owner.
 Officers seized 125 push bikes and frames and more than 60 other items, mainly power tools, from an address in Hanham in January. After searching police records they have only been able to identify 11 bikes as stolen.
 DC Louise Yaldron explained: "Many people don't record the serial number and description of their bikes or tools and don't mark them to make them identifiable either. We also know that some people don't bother reporting the thefts to us. This seizure shows it's always worth reporting as well as the benefits of property recording and marking.
 "While we understand that some people may have claimed against their insurance for this property, we still want to hear from anyone who recognises it as theirs. Their statement could help us build a case against the thieves."
 A man arrested in connection with the seizure was released under investigation while police enquiries continue.
 The identified bikes were stolen from Bristol's BS6, BS7 and BS9 postcodes, Bradley Stoke and Weston-Super-Mare.
 The recovered mountain bikes and racing bikes include Beone, Boardman, Cannondale, Carrera, Cube, Giant, GT, Marin, Orange, Orbea, Planet X, Specialized, Trek and Whyte makes.
 The power tools include Bosch, Hilti, Husqvarna, Makita, Stanley, Snap-on and Stihl.
 To check if your stolen items are among the collection, visit www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/recoveredproperty.
 You'll then need to submit a short form with your contact details and proof of ownership/purchase. Over the next few months officers will arrange open day events to enable owners to collect their property, once the items are no longer needed as evidence.
 Avon and Somerset Police take burglary very seriously and are committed to identifying, apprehending and bringing burglars to justice, and where possible returning stolen goods to their original owners.
 Since a dedicated Operation Remedy team was launched to tackle burglary in April last year, 140 residential burglary suspects have been arrested - that's three per week. They have seen a seven per cent reduction in the number of burglaries across the force area.
You can make it harder for thieves to steal your bikes and easier for police officers to identify property as stolen:
●    Where possible, securely store
    your bicycles in your home. If
    this isn’t possible, ensure they
    are kept in a secure
    outbuilding such as an
    alarmed and locked shed or

●    Always lock your bicycles to
    something immovable like a
    wall or floor anchor or a

●    Double lock your bikes using
two quality locks, at least one
of which is a D-Lock.

●    Get your bikes and tools
    security marked and
    registered at www    
    BikeRegister.com and www

●    Record the details of your
    bicycles and tools including
    noting the frame or serial
    number and take photos
    including any distinctive
Look out for Avon and Somerset Police bike marking events near you http://bit.ly/38nBbp2.