Pink elephants descend on Bristol in COP protest

November 19 2021

Pink elephants descend on Bristol in COP protest
YOUTH climate activists dressed in black and wearing pink elephant masks descended on central Bristol in early October.
Activists argue that the previous 25 COPs have all failed as there is continual investment in fossil fuel, populations on the frontline of climate crisis are being sidelined, and emissions are still rising.
The elephants, from Extinction Rebellion Youth Bristol (XRYB), were joined by other activists who handed out leaflets and spoke to passers by about the failures of past COPs throughout the day.
Nicolas, 21, of XRYB said: "Elephants in the room are all around us. Currently, there is a big elephant up in Glasgow that our world leaders so blatantly ignore. Let’s actually take a moment to pause and ask whether COP is an inclusive conference that tackles the climate crisis in a fair and socially just way?
“It's time to address this elephant in the room and confront all the profit-driven agendas of the leaders of the Global North, who evidently ignore our destructive colonial history."