Photography club seeks new snappers

September 28 2018
Photography club seeks new snappers

The North West Bristol Camera Club (NWBCC) is keen to welcome new members at its meetings this Autumn.

Club Chair, Neville Goodman, has some tips for taking your photography to the next level. 

Is taking good photos difficult? Of course, there are technicalities in photography: lens, shutter speed, and so on; they are important. But more important is knowing what sort of image to look for, what to put in, and what to leave out. The camera and all its features are secondary to that, because any camera will focus for you and choose the correct exposure, so the technicalities can come later.

We often talk about some common “rules” we apply when we take photos. These rules were not invented by a committee of photographers. They came from the study of paintings, and why some paintings appeal more than others. 

The rule of thirds is one you may have heard of. It simply means that the main subject of your image should not be central (common in most informal photographs), but should be (more or less) on an intersection of the lines dividing the image into thirds horizontally and vertically. This usually gives a more natural and interesting composition.

Using leading lines within an image, especially diagonals, is another rule. These are lines in the image that lead the eye to another point in the image or, occasionally, out of the image. 

If you want a good example of how these two rules work, look at John Constable’s painting The Hay Wain: the cart is not central and faces along the diagonal of the river. This adds dynamism to the painting. There are lots of other examples you can find of how these rules work but always remember – follow your instinct: rules are made to be broken!

We meet at Summerville, Westbury Fields, and you can find us at:

Be aware: our old site was hijacked and is no longer us. If you don’t want to type the whole website, just put Google NWBCC into your search engine and we should come out at the top.

Feel free to email me, Neville Goodman (Club Chair) at: