Parking scheme ‘ruining quality of life in St Andrews’ – resident

December 23 2015

MONTPELIER’S residents’ parking scheme is ruining the quality of life in St Andrews, a local woman has said.

MONTPELIER’S residents’ parking scheme is ruining the quality of life in St Andrews, a local woman has said.

Stephanie Craig, of North Road, says that since the zone has been implemented, parking along the street – which runs parallel to Gloucester Road – has become an “unregulated free park and ride” for displaced commuters.

She is now pleading to the council to consider implementing parking restrictions for the area, in the new year.

The controversial Montpelier scheme, which cuts off just before St Andrews, was launched in July last year.

St Andrews was originally earmarked for inclusion in the Redland RPS – which was rolled-out in July 2014 – but was excluded due to a large number of objections from local shop owners, who said that a parking zone would impact negatively on their trade.

Ms Craig told the Bishopston Voice at a recent Redland residents’ meeting: “Since the Montpelier scheme has been implemented, it’s been really horrible – it’s like an unregulated free park and ride.

“I’ve been called nasty names, when I’ve challenged why they are parking there. People drive up the road the wrong way. The other week, I had to drive round the block about 10 times to find a space – it’s really affecting our quality of life.

“Lots of my neighbours also feel the same. I thought we were going to get the parking scheme, but the council has listened more to traders. Residents need to be heard.”

Resident Rob Hardy, who lives in Belmont Road, says that he has also noticed increased parking issues in the area.

He said: “When I moved her 20 years ago, streets were half empty, now they are 95 percent full. The longer the council leaves it, the worse it is going to get.”

Share your views

Redland councillor Fi Hance says that she is aware that the Montpelier parking scheme has caused much frustration for local residents, but confirms that there will be no fresh proposals for parking schemes until May.

She said: “Parking brings a lot of pain and fury to people. I’d recommend that any residents who are facing issues to contact their councillors, as we can only action what we are told.

“I encourage anyone to get in touch to share their views, and then this can be fed back to the council.”

Bishopston councillor Daniella Radice says that she has noticed parking in Ashley Down becoming more difficult since the introduction of the RPS in Montpelier.

She said: “We are not sure if there is a correlation since we are some distance from Montpelier, but other parts of St Andrews are definitely being affected.

“This will lead to a call for residents parking schemes to be brought in here. If we do get proposals for schemes we will need to take the views of local traders into account to ensure there is availability of parking spaces for people shopping.”

Council response

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: “The council currently has no plans to extend the current RPS programme as it has been decided that residents in each area need to be given time to get used to the scheme.

“However, we are constantly monitoring the effects of each RPS both in the neighbourhoods they affect and the surrounding areas and we will seek to address any issues that arise.

“Residents both outside and inside the RPS areas are encouraged to provide any feedback by emailing”

“Alternatively, it may be possible to progress a review of parking arrangements through the local Neighbourhood Partnership. Neighbourhood Partnerships bring public sector decision making to a local level where residents can influence how they would like to see their neighbourhood improve.

“For further information on Neighbourhood Partnerships visit”

Parking in North Road
An example of the parking
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