Outrage at delay

December 23 2013

RESIDENTS at a recent forum meeting were outraged by the council's delay in starting the Redland parking scheme consultation.

RESIDENTS at a recent forum meeting were outraged by the council's delay in starting the Redland parking scheme consultation.

One resident, from Northumberland Road, said that since the Cotham south scheme - which is next to the Redland zone - was implemented in December 2012, it's been "absolute hell and utterly intolerable".

The Cotham south boundary cuts off at the bottom of Redland Road, causing car users who do not own a parking permit to park in the Redland area instead.

The resident added: "I've received nothing but weasel words from the council. We've been suffering badly and they just keep delaying the consultation, which was meant to happen a couple of months ago."

Several raised concerns that if the Cotham north scheme was to be implemented first, Redland would be even more over-run by displaced parking.

However, after previously advising that the Cotham north scheme would be implemented first due to necessary amendments made to the resizing of the Redland zone, the council has now returned to its original plan to implement the two schemes at the same time.

A council spokesperson said: "As Cotham north's Residents' Parking Zone covers a larger area than Redland RPS, it will take longer to implement. This means that there need not be a gap between their start dates.

"We are very aware of the concerns that residents in Redland have and will do everything that we can to prevent this, subject to each scheme being given approval to proceed to implementation following statutory consultation."

The council has stated that the statutory consultation period will place at some point in January.

Redland councillor, Fi Hance, said: "We are hoping that they do go live at the same time, but we're still yet to be given a set date, so we're still quite concerned about that."