Orchard School visit ‘World goes Pop’

January 28 2016
Orchard School visit ‘World goes Pop’

Orchard School visit ‘World goes Pop’

YEAR 10 GCSE Art students from Orchard School in Horfield visited the ‘World goes Pop’ last month - an exhibition at The Tate Modern gallery in London.

Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and thought the exhibition - described as fun, engaging, colourful, revelatory,opinionated, racy and stunning - was one of the best ever!

A wide range of Pop Art was on display, and both students and staff alike found it interesting to learn how Pop Art - often seen as fun and not to be taken seriously - dealt with important topics such as war, gender inequality and racism.

There was also enough time to explore the permanent collections and view pieces such as Marcel Duchamps ‘Fountain’ (which is actually a signed urinal!), which led to some interesting discussions as to what constitutes as art.

Student Paul Jeffries said: ‘It was a long three hour journey to the Tate Modern but it was so worth it!’

The show, which ran until 24th January, illuminated how pop wasn’t confined to Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York or Richard Hamilton’s studio in London – it was a phenomenon that reached much further, practiced by artists in Peru, Israel, Argentina, Japan, Brazil and Eastern Europe.