One a penny, two a penny ...

March 28 2014

A GLOUCESTER Road bakery is expecting to shift around 8,000 hot cross buns over the Easter weekend.

A GLOUCESTER Road bakery is expecting to shift around 8,000 hot cross buns over the Easter weekend.
Joe's Bakery, which has gained quite a reputation for its award-winning breads and pastries, is already experiencing a high demand for its buns, selling around 400 every Saturday since they have been on the shelves.
Jane, owner of Joe's Bakery, says that Maundy Thursday is always the shop's busiest day over the whole Easter period, where over 3,000 buns are sold.

Hot cross buns
The bakery is also providing 1,000 buns at a reduced cost to a Bristol Scouts group.
Visitors can also expect to discover "choc" cross buns - a brioche-style bun enriched with milk, butter, eggs and studded with chunks of Belgian chocolate; Easter biscuits; and Easter bread - a rounded, fruited loaf, which is lightly spiced with hazelnuts on top.
The bakery will be open Good Friday, but closed on Easter Monday.
After Easter, Joe's Bakery will be involved in the bread trail, put on by Bristol Food Connections - a city-wide festival, taking place in May, that celebrates Bristol's diverse food culture.
The bread trail will link up the city's bakeries, each baking its own version of a festival loaf.
Joe's Bakery has chosen to create a Ciambella Mandorlata - a braided, ring-shaped, yeasted bread, flavoured with fresh lemon zest and topped with a dressing of almonds, nibbed sugar and a little cinnamon.
But there is more to the bread than it's mouthwatering flavours - originating from northern Italy, the loaf represents springtime, with the ring-shape symbolising continuity and the braiding symbolising the unity and weaving of people together.
The bread trail will run from May 3 to 11, and the Ciambella Mandorlatam will be available at Joe's Bakery from after Easter until Pentecost (June 8).
For Mayfest, which is to take place on May 3, Joe's Bakery will also be making Gordon the Goblin ginger breads for children to decorate, and, weather permitting, providing a stall where children can play with bread dough.
For more information about Joe's Bakery, visit: Twitter: @JoesBakeryBris. Telephone: 0117 975 5551