On The Beat: August 2017

July 28 2017

If you’re heading away on holiday, please make time to think about what you’re leaving behind as well as what you’re taking.

If you’re heading away on holiday, please make time to think about what you’re leaving behind as well as what you’re taking. 

 Returning home to find you’ve been burgled is an experience none of us want to endure, so please think about the following steps you can take to help minimise the risk:

 Before you go:

•  Be careful about what information you give out on social media. Only tell people who need to know you’re going away

•  If you're away for a while, empty recycling bins, cut the lawns and cancel deliveries of milk, newspapers or anything else that may build up, discreetly

• Make your house look occupied - get automatic time switches to switch lights and a radio on and off

• Mark any valuable items with your postcode or take photographs of these items

• Register your belongings on the national property database www.immobilise.com


Just before you go:

•  Don’t leave valuable items like laptops and tablets visible through windows

• Lock the garage and shed with proper security locks. Make sure your tools and any ladders are locked away so they can’t be used to break into your house.

• Lock all outside doors and windows

• If you have a burglar alarm, make sure it’s set and that you’ve told the police who the key-holder is


Whilst you are away:

• Don’t have your home address showing on your luggage for the outward journey. Put this on the inside of your cases. If possible, have a neighbour park their car on your drive whilst you’re away, to make your house look occupied.


We have carried out three Community Speed Watches this month targeting Kennington Avenue and Church Road, after residents told us their concerns about speeding drivers on these roads.  We also seized an uninsured car from a speeding driver on Ashley Down Road whilst we were patrolling the college area.

It’s worth noting that there seems to be an upsurge in wallet and bag thefts on Gloucester Road. Thieves are targeting contactless debit cards, so keep them secure and on your person at all times if possible.

 As part of our local school engagement, we visited a number of primary schools before the end of term, delivering crime and consequences talks. As children move onto secondary school, it’s important that they are made aware of some of the safety challenges they face, particularly around online crime. The talks include some crime definitions and how to take personal responsibility.


Enjoy the summer!

 Sergeant Adam Dolling