October Column: On the Beat

October 01 2013
October Column: On the Beat

PCSO David Said with the latest from Bishopston's policing team, including Neighbourhood Watch, speeding, working with students and avoiding theft from motor vehicles

with PCSO David Said PCSO David Said

Hello readers – the beat team recently attended the Bishopston Neighbourhood Forum which was held at Ashley Down Primary School.

There were lots of issues raised, which ourselves and our partner agencies will work to resolve. Speeding drivers on Muller Road and cycling were the policing issues that raised the most concern among those attending. We have a plan around cycling enforcement that I will update you with in the next issue, and a community speed watch will soon be penned in for Muller Road.
We have also been getting complaints about drivers during school pick-up/drop-off times in the area. This includes parents parking across drives and inconsiderate driving. The beat team will include all the primary schools on the beat in our patrol plan and hope to
address some of the issues raised.

Our Neighbourhood Watch support continues. We are helping to support a new watch in Seymour Avenue. A resident recently saw two suspicious males looking into gardens. This led him to call the police with some very useful information. The potential new Neighbourhood Watch coordinator will now carry out a letter drop in Seymour Avenue to gauge interest.

I have also managed to get some timer switches which are used to get lights to come on if people are out. As it gets dark earlier this time of year it is an opportunity for burglars to see if people are at home. I will be giving some of the switches out to our Neighbourhood Watch coordinators.

Crime levels on the beat are low at the moment, which is very encouraging. We have, however, had some theft from motor vehicles on Beauchamp Road and Upper Belmont Road. Please be careful when leaving items in your car, even a small amount of loose change can be tempting to criminals.

The beat team will also be getting involved with the student fresher week. This is to help reduce the number of student burglaries that occur across the district. We are carrying out crime prevention events at Bristol University and promoting the Immobilise.com website, where people can register their valuables for free.

Wishing you a safe and crime-free October.