November 2017: Vineyard News

October 27 2017

Harvest is officially over for me and it’s a great feeling.

Harvest is officially over for me and it’s a great feeling. Waiting those final few weeks before picking the grapes was very hard but I’m so pleased we held out. In the first week of October we gathered together a group of about thirty people on a sunny Sunday morning and managed to pick several tonnes of very ripe grapes in just a few hours. 

I’m still staggered that despite the severe frost damage we received back in April, we actually managed to achieve our largest harvest ever and it’s all thanks to the warm weather we had in June and early July. Every summer the British weather takes us growers on a little rollercoaster ride but this year has been truly exceptional. 

Autumn in the vineyard is characterized by a change in bird behaviour and we tend to see large flocks of starlings as well as members of the crow family. The crows form spectacular flocks, which seem to fill the sky, circling and calling for several minutes each day before settling down again to roost in the trees. Quite why they do this in Autumn I’m not sure but it’s lovely to watch. 

Like trees, the vines sometimes have better Autumnal colours than other years and this year the Pinot noir leaves have gone a glorious shade of orange in a final hoorah to 2017. At the winery, we now have a new Pinot noir rosé, some sparkling white, and sparkling red in the tank, which I’m really looking forward to sharing next year and beyond.

As usual we’re on course for selling out of our Pinot rosé around Christmas so do be sure to get in touch if you’d like some as a gift or for yourself.




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