November 2017: Primal Posture

October 27 2017

In today’s hi-tech world, people are turning to biofeedback devices with apps to help fix their back pain.

Buzz your back pain better?

In today’s hi-tech world, people are turning to biofeedback devices with apps to help fix their back pain. Well, they are certainly right in that they identify poor posture as the major culprit! So, can the new wearables actually improve on the bad habits we’ve all had around us since we were children?

For those unfamiliar with these gadgets,   they contain sensors that read our position and let us know (usually with a beep or vibration) when our posture is slumping so that we can correct it. However, we should consider:


1.  Many of these devices require the user to set their own ‘ideal’ from which the device will judge deviation. Yet if you do not know how to comfortably sit or stand in the first place, the ideal you set is unlikely to be ‘correct’, or optimal for you. 

2. Modern ideas about good posture are also part of the problem, and so your device will be constantly pestering you to ‘straighten up’ and strain your body in an unnatural, tense position – you’ll probably go back to slumping! 

3. Feedback wearables only address one area at a time. Postural health is a whole-person synergy, so for example, pelvic angle, shoulder position and overall body awareness are all an important component in solving back pain.

4. Guidance for postural improvement is best obtained from an experienced teacher. Working with you at first hand, they can guide and advise you – especially on how best to use bio-feedback devices if you wish to. 

 The Gokhale Institute is dedicated to embracing effective ways of supporting our students to relearn their primal, pain-free posture. Our approach has always combined the best of ‘high tech’ with ‘high touch’. Our culture is only just beginning to harness the possibilities of wearable technology and biofeedback devices – but they must be based on correct principals or we replace one set of problems with another.

For a fuller discussion, search “The Wearable Device Deep-Dive” at  or go online to book a free workshop place to find out more about healthy posture: Bristol Workshop dates:

• Monday 6th November, 3.30pm, Spicer+Cole, Gloucester Rd 

• Sunday 3rd December, 3pm, Bakesmiths, Whiteladies Rd

• Sunday 14th January, 3pm, Spicer+Cole, Gloucester Rd